Friday, January 11, 2008

Things break to easily.

One thing I hate about buying things is that there is the potentiality for that object to break, especially computer hardware, and I don't mean break in the literal sense like it cracking in half but when it comes to computers it seems like something is never working. I suppose this is a given due the intense complexity of circuitry and microchips, weighing all factors for proper practicality can be difficult like heating, placement, currents, etc. Anyway, so I was playing a game recently and running the graphics card on stock settings, that is default, and thing overheated and is now totally ruined! A 180$ graphics card! Anyway, I am sure people have heard of Xbox 360's red ring of death, that is exactly the problem that came my way, only it was with a much higher end graphics processor. Why don't these companies just put proper cooling into these components? Because it costs to much to manufacture. I often wonder if they seriously have someone who does the math on whether they lose more money taking the chance with crappy heatsinks and hoping the people don't return the items in their warranty versus doing the job right, chances are they make money manufacturing a not so perfect product. Although this is not every company it is often the company that sells that particular product for the cheapest, but unfortunately most people don't have the time nor the care to do a lot of research into which product is the best and wont fail, but in today's economy people are not looking for insane quality necessarily but for a bargain, yet this comes to bite them in the keister. Anyway, this is just a rant about how I shouldn't have to replace expensive computer parts, especially 180$ one's, just make it right the first time!