Monday, January 28, 2008

Domino's Pizza

Yes it is true, I got a job as a delivery driver at Domino's. I think I will like this a lot more than working at that other place where I was going to be a mail clerk. At least I will get tips and free pizza from Domino's, and you can make a lot of money in tips, not to mention I will have more free time since I will only be working part time hours like 20-25hrs a week. This will give me time to work on other projects, pray, and think about other ways to make money as well.

I met with Fr. Ballman who is the diocesan vocations director for the Archdiocese of Atlanta. The meeting went very well but I am still unsure if I should apply to the diocese or not, so he just gave me his card and told me when I am ready to take the next step to contact him. So I am going to continue to pray and we shall see what will happen... until then.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jobs and the Adventure!

I decided not to take the job with Scientific Games, in fact, I think I will be much happier with less money and more free time since I really dislike working for other people unless I have some kind of stock or share in the company itself. I am very big on being against wage slavery, which is basically what most people are under if they do not run their own business or 75% of the time do not have a college degree. Aristotle talks about this in his Politics, but I may be wrong, it might be another work, but he makes great points even though it was written so long ago it is still relevant today and it is as if he is talking to us about the present time we live in.

Anyway, I have a few ideas up my sleeve to be my own businessman, which is much more rewarding spiritually and economically. I already placed some of the books I own on Amazon as used products and many of them are in great condition and I should get a pretty good amount of money for them since I have a lot that I don't read. I am not one of those people who keeps everything they ever buy, I consider things useful for the things they do. So, I bought the books and read them and now have the knowledge contained in them, which is what they are for after all, so when I am done with them, I sell them and get my money back. Sometimes, if you are lucky, the book will go out of print then you can charge more money than what you paid for it, which has happened to me, so I consider them an investment as well, especially if they are not public domain.

Now, some of you might think I am insane, but dumpster diving can be very profitable, so I might try that this week a little and see what goodies I can find. I have known people who have found literally factory sealed cases of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and another person I know found boxes and boxes of designer shoes, and I would definitely sell the latter on ebay since it is free game once its in the trash if you ask me.

I have some other plans as well, like continue to do and promote my freelance computer work, which has been successful in the past. So for now I am perfectly content with where I am at, and I do not mind not having a lot of money because often times I just waste it anyway.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Observations and other thoughts.

Well, lucky me, I got that wage-slave job at the lottery ticket place, Scientific Games, though I am not entirely excited as I found out I have to work with a troubled white man who thinks he is black, I am sure you could guess the name for these kinds of people. Anyway, I am suppose to be starting on Monday but I am not entirely sure if I want to go, as I want to start my own business of tech consulting instead, seeing as how I would most likely make more money and have a lot more free time. I am not sure what I will do, I think I might try it out for a little while and we'll see what happens.

I have been praying and trying to really put myself in the presence of God and ask Him what it is that he wants for me to do with regards to my vocation, and I am pretty sure that I am not called to the diocese, though this would be more economically stable for me, but I don't think I would be capable of handling all the Novus Ordo psychosis that goes on, seriously, I just don't think I am able to deal with such a high level of insanity in these parishes and amongst the clergy. It would be incredibly difficult for me.

Of course there are some things that I wish the FSSP would change with regards to their seminary rules, but I think they are probably for the best amongst most seminarians. Mainly that you can't play videogames or watch movies or have any kind of electronic entertainment in your room except a computer, which you can only use that to get on the net and do work. Also they are very strict on going all 7 years of their formation, which has been discouraging for a lot of seminarians who have had previous philosophical and theological training.

I really dislike having to decide between these types of things but I guess they are part of life, so I am open to your comments to see what you have to say.

I have been reading a few books lately that you people should check out in case you haven't already:

-An Infinity of Little Hours, the lives of Carthusian monks
-Life on the English Manor, a study of medieval peasant conditions
-Crowd Culture, a study of the American way of culture and education in modern times, very intersting written by a Catholic in the 1950's
-Small is Beautiful, Written by E.F. Schumacher it is a really good book on economic philosophy written in the mid 70's promoting Distributism, very good as well.

If you definitely want an interesting read I suggest you pick one of these books up!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well I have a meeting with the Archdiocesan vocations director of Atlanta on the 23rd, so we shall see how that goes. Though I am somewhat doubtful as to whether or not I will truly follow through with the Archdiocese because I just find it so incredibly difficult and insane to be forced to celebrate the Novus Ordo and be around those type of people constantly, don't get me wrong many of them are good Catholics, but they have no love for the beauty of the church, like chant, liturgy, proper dress and other things that are important. I can go back to the FSSP in the Fall, which is what I will probably end up doing since I was very happy there, and don't ask me why I left! So please keep me in your prayers that I follow God's will, I just want to be a saint, and find the best place to do it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Things break to easily.

One thing I hate about buying things is that there is the potentiality for that object to break, especially computer hardware, and I don't mean break in the literal sense like it cracking in half but when it comes to computers it seems like something is never working. I suppose this is a given due the intense complexity of circuitry and microchips, weighing all factors for proper practicality can be difficult like heating, placement, currents, etc. Anyway, so I was playing a game recently and running the graphics card on stock settings, that is default, and thing overheated and is now totally ruined! A 180$ graphics card! Anyway, I am sure people have heard of Xbox 360's red ring of death, that is exactly the problem that came my way, only it was with a much higher end graphics processor. Why don't these companies just put proper cooling into these components? Because it costs to much to manufacture. I often wonder if they seriously have someone who does the math on whether they lose more money taking the chance with crappy heatsinks and hoping the people don't return the items in their warranty versus doing the job right, chances are they make money manufacturing a not so perfect product. Although this is not every company it is often the company that sells that particular product for the cheapest, but unfortunately most people don't have the time nor the care to do a lot of research into which product is the best and wont fail, but in today's economy people are not looking for insane quality necessarily but for a bargain, yet this comes to bite them in the keister. Anyway, this is just a rant about how I shouldn't have to replace expensive computer parts, especially 180$ one's, just make it right the first time!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Interviewing is stupid, but I did well I think!

Firstly, I would like to direct you to my friend Martin's Blog, he has a really good post on working for corporations: HERE

Before you read it though, read my post, cause you're here already. Anyway, I went in for my interview at SG Games, which is a lottery ticket company, that's right they are one of the largest producer of lottery tickets in the world, exciting eh? Really. No. Who cares, the lottery is stupid, although it helps a lot of people get into college because a bunch of Mexicans and other insane people buy the tickets. I have never once bought a lottery ticket, and I never will because they are a waste of money, you will make money playing poker, so learn that instead of scratching a piece of paper. I heard once that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than you do winning the lottery, well most people deserve to get struck by lightning, so I hope it's true.

Anyway, I think Martin was talking about the guild system and Distributism, which is one of my favorite topics, but he said that people worked more in this system and had less wealth, which is not necessarily true. In medieval England they had the Distributist system and most people only worked 3-4 days a week, and that was at their home or in their shop where they had a trade, like blacksmith or butcher or pottery maker, whatever it may be.

I may not take this job just because I hate the idea of working for a base wage for a huge corporate entity, its so dehumanizing and uncatholic, it makes me feel like an expendable commodity being used as a machine so that the fat CEO can sit on his freaking huge mound of cash while we all slave at 8$ an hour trying to make ends meet. I admit the living conditions in America are a lot better than some countries, but nonetheless if you compare wages and working conditions now compared to medieval times, people had a lot more leisure time then, and a lot better liturgical life too!

And finally, I am drinking Jones's pure can sugar soda berry lemonade flavor, it is a small time company, my favorite... and the soda rules. God bless everyone!
So I am going in for an interview at this company, apparently the guy who is suppose to hire me is a devout Catholic, so we shall see how it pans out. I will let everyone know what went down when I get back, plus some other thoughts on my situation right now, that is, where I may be going in the future and what is going on right now.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Out of the depths I have come back to blog to thee

Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile because I wasn't sure if anyone was reading. I will try to post more often because now I know people are reading, so comment on what I say so I know you're out there. I have been avoiding the computer a bit lately and been trying to read books more because I have been playing way to many video games, but since I sold my newly built PC that will change a bit.

So I will post something of reading significance later on today, so stay tuned kiddies.