Saturday, November 8, 2008

Creating a Domain

I have decided to create my own domain, Although it will not be up right away it is a site that is basically going to be How-to's, Study habits, Life views, Political views, and anything else I deem worthy of writing articles about. I really need a way to generate some extra passive income and I feel this would be a good avenue to go down and explore because if I can get people to come to my site and find it useful then that to me is more rewarding than money because it is intangible yet useable, which is the beauty of knowledge. I think it is important to see in life what things we can do in order to help others come to find a useful perogative for themselves, and certainly with a site like that I can get started in that direction. Hopefully, something will come about for my work. I will let you know when it happens.

Monday, November 3, 2008

What to do, what to do...

Greetings people, I am back for a post. I just want to rant a little bit about how those of you who post ads on need to respond to them. I have sent out about twenty resumes for a host of different companies and or individuals to review for a possible job opportunity, and yet not one person has emailed me back yet, and I have done this over a spread of about two weeks. My resume is not a bad resume either, I think it is pretty nice actually and I would definitely consider me if I were offered me for a job, but for some magical reason no one seems to want to even respond the the posts that they themselves post looking for people. That is just mind boggling. You want employees? Then respond to the very ad you posted.

Secondly, I think I am going to change the layout of this website so that it fits all resolutions, then I am going to start speaking more on Catholic philosophy, and if some theology gets thrown in there, that will be good too because you can't really seperate the two. Also I am going to add some more things to the menus, that way there will be more content, since I know there is practically nothing on here, so it is somewhat of a boring website.

So that is it for now, I will stay in touch.