Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just some thoughts

Well, I got the job at Domino's, but the day I was suppose to go in for orientation my car's fuel injector decided it wanted to die, so I don't think I will be taking that job after all, besides I should spare my car the cross. The library and an electronics store (Fry's) I like a lot are hiring, so I think I will probably end up working at one of those places, the electronics store already called me back, so that is good.

There is a good chance if I get my car fixed by Thursday, which I most likely will, that I will be coming down to Naples, so that will be fun. I really need to get out of Atlanta and hang out with some friends because I do not have a lot of people to chill with around here. Hopefully my car wont do something naughty on the way down there, but once I get there I am going to try and get everyone to donate me 5$ to help with the cost of gas to get down there, kind of like a Malcolm ticket, you wanna see me you gotta pay man! What a horrible, horrible world we live in.

I discovered this new author the other day and went to the library and checked out a couple of his books. He is a Catholic author from down south, Georgia that is, but he is not like Flannery O'Connor, his books are a little more fun I think, not so abstract, although he is extremely philosophical. Anyway his name is Walker Percy, and I am reading Love in the Ruins right now, which is great so far, it about this guy who creates this stethoscope type thing and can see the problems with people's souls and how he lives his life in rural Georgia. His imagery and ways of describing events are fascinating, just his metaphorical and allegorical usage is really some of the best I have read in awhile. I get bored with literature very easily, I don't like it to be overly abstract or in poetical form unless its simple, that is why I am not a big fan of the Iliad or the Odyssey, though I think they are great works, but for me, they are a little to difficult to read because they break thoughts so quickly and use ancient symbolism like crazy, which can be difficult to ascertain sometimes, and I just like to understand things when I read them, not have to look in the dictionary of Homeric literature every five seconds to understand it, so that is my qualm. If I am going to put all that effort into reading something, I'll just read St. Robert Bellarmine in Latin, since I would most likely gain more from it anyway. So after I read this novel I am going to read his philosophical work Life in the Cosmos, which looks really cool, like a psychological Thomistic approach to life, just my thing.

I am going to post again pretty soon on another interesting topic, stay tuned kiddies!

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