Tuesday, December 11, 2007

With regards to acts and their perfections.

As Fr. Demets would say: "Sooooooooo... How are you?" Heh. I wanted to post a few questions I had written about awhile back in my Journal, they are philosophical. I am a thomist, so if these questions bother you, well, I don't care! Great. Let's get started. So my first question is this: Could one say that for every act(tion) there is a perfect reaction, in so far as being and potentiality to act are concerned, understanding this within the context of sin playing a role?

So after pondering this question for a while with a friend of mine and I think one of my other friends, I would like to propose this. For every act that is done in so far as one is a participating being, that is a creature, each potential act is perfect, or once it is in being, is perfect in so far as it is an act which is in being, although it may contain the deprivation of a due good. Why? Because all acts and all being, in order to be, must contain some perfection; thus, they are perfect in so far as they are acting in that very moment, that is being. So for each act that is made, there is a perfect outcome of that act namely the ongoing potentiality to another act which is more perfect than the last. Though sin makes some acts evil, even though they still are in a sense perfect because all things in so far as they exist in God are perfect, which is ultimate act and ultimate being.

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